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we are a revenue growth consultancy.

Who we are.

Cultured Perspective is a Black-owned, revenue growth consultancy. We assist start-up founders and rising revenue leaders with implementing the proper sales processes to plan, execute and scale your unique go-to-market strategy to position you as the premier business in your field.

With an effective go-to-market strategy your business and inherent equity strategy instilled into the fabric of your business, your company will be able to identify and secure recurring revenue to meet your business goals and earn your business sustainable growth for years to come.

We’ve worked with some of the fastest growing technology companies to scale exponentially and we hope you can be our next success story.


Marcus Knight

Marcus Knight is a Go-To-Market Strategist with over 15 years of experience in the SaaS industry. He’s built revenue teams from the ground up that have generated exponential revenue success. As an expert in finding gaps in structure and processes, and then implementing effective strategy aligned to a company’s desired outcomes, Marcus is adept at uncovering new revenue streams. He continuously researches markets, listens to customers, and tests his team’s hypotheses against the current state of the relative market to produce transformative results for his clients.

Deeply passionate about equity within the workplace, Marcus thrives on working with clients that are forward thinking, especially in utilizing underestimated talent to produce results. When it comes to designing a Go-To-Market strategy and uncovering underutilized talent, he is a true, hands-on partner in the process; a present thought leader who’s there every step of the way to ensure that people can easily understand and execute on the strategy put forth.

Marcus’ mission is to help founders lead with empathy and equity from the start, while generating a scalable revenue process. Cultured Perspective is the intersection of revenue and equity growth – proving that the underestimated talent is out there if you search with intention.

Growth Development Leader

NIkki Ivey

Nikki is an award winning B2B Revenue Growth Leader and Sales Culture Subject Matter Expert. This one woman demand-gen engine was recently recognized as a 2020 LinkedIn Top Sales Voice, and Sales Success Summit Top 100 LinkedIn Sales Star. Nikki is coaching and training sales development reps through SDRDefenders, a company she co-founded.

She’s hosted and appeared on hundreds of industry webinars, podcasts and blogs around improving rev growth strategy at SaaS companies .Over the last decade, Nikki has built multiple growth development programs from the ground up, generating millions in pipeline for Startups.

Clients can expect a high energy, engaging and attentive approach that centers on metrics, mindset and a little bit of magic. Her upbeat and accessible communication style has driven her career from one who chased leads to one who attracts leaders.

At the heart of what sets Nikki apart from the pack is her commitment to creativity and innovation in revenue growth strategy. Her success is fueled by refusing to uphold an outdated status quo. A respected luminary among leaders in the space, Nikki disarms and delights clients and prospects alike with her heightened ability to create quick connections and cut through the noise.

With new sales consultancies cropping up daily, Nikki is particularly attracted to Cultured Perspective because of its emphasis on inclusion and growth. Many businesses who provide similar services do so without the lived, demographic experience to meet the needs of the increasingly diverse and evolving landscape of modern revenue teams. In Cultured Perspective, Nikki sees the opportunity for her expertise to impact the lives and bottom lines of hard working business leaders who share her passion for growing relationships into revenue.

this is our

cultured perspective

Why we exist


To develop start-up founders and revenue leaders who can position their companies to obtain transformative revenue opportunities while creating an equitable culture for their organizations.


To improve representation in entrepreneurship by fostering a community of underestimated, talented revenue leaders, helping to close the generational wealth gap.


Equity - Equity creates opportunities for underutilized communities

Collaboration - We can go further if we build together. Having multiple perspectives allows for a more holistic view.

Intentionality - We build with purpose and partner with organizations …

Knowledge-Sharing - Research, learning, resources, the sales landscape is forever changing and evolving, we pride ourselves on continuous learning through research.